Top 10 Best Car Speakers In India (2021)

Are you searching for the best car speakers in India? Are you Planning to upgrade the audio system of your car and make it like never before?

If music has been your passion or music has been an important component of your long drives, then you definitely need one. Here is an article we aim for delivering real suggestion on choosing the best Car speakers in India. The ‘type’ of car speakers play a major role in the sound quality of music you listen to.

While there are plenty of best brands of car speakers in India, how do you choose the one that can lost in the rhythm of music beats? Here we have done deep research on the same and come up with the best brands and best car audio speakers in India for daily use.

Some of the top brands you can choose for your car speakers are Pioneer Car Speakers, Alpine Car Speakers, BOSS Car Speakers, Kenwood Car Speakers, JBL Car Speakers, Kicker Car Speakers, Sony Car Speakers, JVC Car Speakers, and Clarion Car Speakers.

Check out the 10 best car speakers in India that are sure to produce an excellent experience together through different and unique in terms of features.

Top 10 Best Car Speakers In india

1. Sony 3 Way XS-FB693E Coaxial Car Speaker(420 W)

best car speakers in india

Now play your favourite songs at a volume as high as you want with the Sony 3 Way XS- FB693E Car speakers. They are a perfect choice to make also available at an affordable range with a decent music quality delivery. You are sure not to get bored driving any day having them! all you need to do is make a playlist of your favourite songs and you are all done.

The Japanese brand, Sony, has lately started making products for cars out of which these Coaxial car speakers are one of them. They are possibly the most powerful speakers considering the price range.

You will find a set of two speakers in the pack which is a comfortable choice compared to the set of 4 speakers in other packs. With an output of 420 watts, these speakers are equipped with ferrite woofer. These speakers have a tweeter magnet installed inside as well as the mica-made cones. All of these help the speakers get a bass delivering powerful songs in their original quality.

Sony has also ensured that these speakers are easy to install by the users and therefore have not added much of wiring to it. You can easily set them up in your car yourself. Interestingly, these speakers are compatible with most of the cars in the market.

Likewise, with a standard warranty of 1 year, Sony assures that these 3-way coaxial speakers stand up to or even exceed the expectations of the customers. The Sony 3 Way XS-FB693E Coaxial Car Speaker surely count among the best car speakers in India for their quality at a small price range.

2. Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E 6.5-inch Speakers

audio system of your car

True to their name, these speakers have an excellent bass unit with a Mica Matric cone woofer for focused and high pitch bass sound.

With 260W peak power and 40W CEA RMS, they give amazing sound quality. The speakers have a balanced dome tweeter for clearer and broader frequency range. They are easy to install and have a 1-year warranty by Sony.

The speakers are connected with a Sony music player 4200BT which has an in-built extra bass-circuitry. With a perfect treble and clear mid-range sounds and good bass, these speakers will turn your car into a wonderful music box.

So if you are looking for best car speakers for bass and sound quality, then Sony has these pair of speakers as a perfect solution under the Mega bass series.

The big 16cm woofer adds on good power to the sound. However, these speakers have the technology built in that assures these speakers do not overboard with bass. Hence, there is a balance between the bass, treble and mid-range.

Luckily, in case you have the Sony head installed, then these speakers will go perfectly with the head unit. However, you will find compatible with others too.

3. Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speaker

We all know it; Pioneer is one of the best speaker company across the globe. Right from home audio systems to the head units, marine speakers, car audio, subwoofers, they have outstanding products in all their variety.

The Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speakers are one such product with an aggressive and a clear loud sound. These black coloured speakers come with a peak power output of 400W bass.

These speakers are highly popular among the young generation who are used to listing energetic music during their travels. These speakers come with a progressive flex suspension structure that delivers a clear sound and powerful bass.

One can rely on the ‘long life’ of these speakers for they are fully covered mesh grille that prevents dust from occupying its space on the speakers. You need to install them in the rear tray.

Did you also know, these have a water-resistant coating at the back and are made up of Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone?

These Pioneer coaxial 3-way speakers come with 3 unalike drivers that help in reconstructing the sound frequency. Listed among the best speakers for car audio system in India, they are not just great in terms of quality of music but also come with less of hassles.

They are light in weight have a very low mounting depth, therefore, assuring an easy installation process in the car. Moreover, the aluminium coil bobbin present in these speakers keeps them safe from heat ultimately enhancing the speaker life.

All of these features and benefits make these speakers unique and among the highly rated car speakers in India.

4. JBL GTO609C High-Fidelity Component Speaker System

best car component speakers in india

JBL has come up with innovation here. You will see JBL’s exclusive Plus One woofer cone design here. It extends the diaphragm area of the cone giving a healthier low-frequency comeback.

The company has also added a dedicated crossover network for complete clarity on the high notes of music. Nevertheless, use the adjustable control level system to change your tweeters per your preference and enjoy GTO609C’s customised music in your car.

There are three major things that make these speakers unique. Firstly, Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) frames, second, the 25-270 W amplified power range, and thirdly, the plus-one patented woofer-cone technology that you may not enjoy in other brand’s speakers  and this is what makes it one of the best car component speakers in India

The Starfish mounting and I-mount hardware of the brand lets you enjoy a varied option for these tweeters. The component system adds enough dimension and detail to the system. Secondly, delivering up to 270 W power, these speakers let you enjoy your music to the fullest and keep up in terms of reliable and durable quality.

The Plus One technology has carbon-injected cones giving a wider speaker-cone area compared to other cones. Since there’s an expanded cone area, these JBL speakers radiate more air. In fact, the carbon-injected material in the cones makes them lighter and stiffer. Ultimately, you get great music notes that are expected from large speakers and low-frequency response.

These JBL speakers use FRP, the fibreglass-reinforced plastic frames in the woofer that resist distorting when mounting on uneven surfaces. plastic does not resonate resulting in accurate sound in the car.

5. Pioneer TS-W306R 12-inch Car Subwoofer

Looking for a decent car speaker product for your new car? Pioneer is a premium solution. It ranks among the best car speakers in India and is a classy choice made among various travellers and music enthusiasts.

Pioneer TS-W306R 12-inch Car Subwoofer comes with a large strontium magnet to strengthen the sub-woofer. As we all know, more the power of a magnet is, more is the sound produced by the speakers. Furthermore, these speakers come with a strengthened composite cone surrounded by the urethane for a premium output of the bass.

These 12-inch speakers are not too small nor too large to fit in a car. The champion sub-woofer and the loud distortion free sound is what makes them a premium choice in the market.

Talking about the subwoofers, Pioneer has come up with its champion series that has proved an impressive performance over time. With immense research and study time invested to develop these speakers, the champion series has now become a tag to a good quality sound production.

Furthermore, the stamped basket has a magnet cover that adds on to the protection of the product. The added venting keeps the interiors of the speaker cool avoiding any thermal breakdown. Nevertheless, they are a classy cool look to your car interiors. 

6. JBL A310SI - 310W Coaxial Car Speakers

best car speakers

If you are in the market looking for new car speakers, then you definitely need to note the JBL creations.

The company JBL has developed A310SI – 310W Coaxial Car Speakers system that is considered to be a hi-fi solution for those who look forward to a powerful bass in the speakers. These speakers have edge-driven soft dome tweeters to give a rich experience in the upper frequencies not compromising on the quality.

Similar to other car speakers produced by JBL, the JBL A310SI – 310W Coaxial Car Speakers too stand in the list of best car speakers in India.

With a coaxial design, these speakers have a 90-91dB sensitivity and an output power of 310W. The Coaxial design series are all back to back the premium speakers that offer full-range response with completely clear sound. 

Just like the other JBL speakers, these are too among the powerful bass offering speakers. Since their output is up to 310W, one can expect clear music in the car even at a high volume without any diminishing clarity.

7. Songbird 3 Way Super Bass Gold Series Coaxial Car Speaker (500 W)

A long trip without a good pair of car speakers would never be so fun as it actually should be.

If you look forward to an immersive experience of music during your drives, Songbird is a good choice to make. These black and red coaxial car speakers are highly sensitive and known for their unique design.

Their mid-range drivers and front-mounted tweeters assure an even distribution of sound even at a high volume without compromising on the clarity. Interestingly, these speakers weigh just 3.2 kgs that makes them really lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, they do not demand any complex wiring or fitting tools and therefore are low at their maintenance.

With a supreme output capacity of 500 watts, one can enjoy tremendously loud music while not compromising on its superior quality, given the material used to make this product. Its enclosure material is polypropylene while the magnet material is Ferrite.

And the best part is…

 …the metal finish of the speakers and their oval shape gives them a luxury look. They are a cheap and best option for car speakers in India to consider.

With a 6-month warranty offered by the company, you can rest be assured for its quality once you buy!

8. Sound Boss 280W Max Coaxial Car Speaker

They are a set of two speakers with an output of 280 watts. To assure an easy installation process, Sound boss has kept the installation process of these speakers really easy and compatible with most of the cars sold in India. Sound boss gives a 1 complete year of warranty to the users buying these car audio speakers in India.

So blast out your favourite music during your drives with the Sound Boss B-B525T 6 inch 2way Performance Auditor 280W Max Coaxial Car Speaker. This car speaker is excellent at this price range with no compromises on the sound quality, making it a perfect choice

9. Polk Audio 6.5-inch 2 Way Component System

Bored with the black looks of your speakers? Looking for something fancy enough? Why not check out these Silver Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-inch 2 Way Component Speakers?

Alike many road travellers, you can now step up your car audio performance using the Polk Audio’s revolutionary DB651’s.

These speakers come up with a cutting-edge technology that has been able to accurately reproduce music just like the ones in the cinemas. These speakers come with a balance of components like the mica cone woofer and polymer or silk dome tweeter to ensure quick and smooth response on any level of volume.

The rubber material surrounding these speakers help the bass respond well along with taking care of the outside conditions. They ultimately help these speakers live longer due to the heavy protection is hard conditions.

These are a high-efficiency speaker letting you enjoy high-quality output at a consumption of low power. These speakers are ranked among the best car speakers in India for the sole reason for their durability more than any other.

10. Focal Performance Auditor+ 2-Way Component Car Speakers

A lot of millennials are obsessed with high-quality car music. The built-in speakers that come originally with the car do not do justice to our music needs that involve heavy Bass and a high range to reach our ears directly. There is a big challenge in selecting high-quality car speakers to satiate our music buds.

Focal has come up with Performance Auditor+ RCX-165PSI 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers (375W 75RMS). It is an easy to install Music system with capabilities unparalleled in this price range. Who does not love driving along with music that is pleasing to the ear?

It has an inverted dome tweeter which makes it align just perfectly to the doors of the car. It comes packaged with all the accessories like grilles, screws and fastenings. The new grilles and their mesh-like shape and structure maintain the aesthetics of the speaker while ensuring performance standards. It comes along with a 1-year manufacturing defects warranty cover.

Putting together, Focal Performance Auditor+ RCX-165PSI 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers (375W 75RMS) is a must have for any audiophile out there who is very conscious about the quality of music. This is just the product for them and will enable them to combine quality with affordability.

Final Words On Best Car Speakers In India

Having known the unique and interesting features as well as benefits of the speakers mentioned above, it would now be easier for you to choose the best ones for yourself with a powerful bass and within budget. So now let your savings and quality with complete music enjoyment in your vehicles go hand in hand!

We’ve listed out some of the best car speakers in India above. Do you think we missed out on your favourite car speaker?

Do let us know in the comments down below.

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